Binding Dissertation Will Save Your Work for Future Generations

The more we work, the more we want to immortalize our efforts. Scientific papers, especially dissertations, are fine examples of diligence and creative urge. Binding dissertation will help to preserve it for coming generations. It will be easy to use and will look neatly for many years.

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Dissertation binding is used not only for the sake of protection. It makes the work look attractive and strengthen a favorable impression of importance and thorough study. You may choose dissertation binding according to your taste and incomes. You must be aware of some facts before you start binding dissertation. Let us touch upon them in detail.


  • Hard dissertation binding makes it look like a folio. Thread and glue can work miracles. Pile of pages will turn into a neat book with attractive appearance. Binding dissertation in hard cover will impress your colleagues and judges.
  • Soft dissertation binding will make even your draft copy look neatly. It is indispensable for presentations.
  • Binding dissertation with comb is cheap, firm and convenient. One of its advantages is a transparent front board. It allows seeing the title page. Pages are punched, and a plastic comb spine is used. Such dissertation binding is widely used for small projects, reports, essays. 
  • Submitting a dissertation often requires CDs and additional visual aids. They can be added to dissertation binding by means of convenient pockets or boxes, which match the covers. 
  • Binding dissertation usually refers to A4 format. A3 format as well as other wishes is also considered. You may order leather binding or Swarovski crystals – everything depends on your personal preferences and a sum of money at your disposal. 
  • If dissertation binding comprises more than 400 pages, the work is usually split into two volumes.

Binding dissertation is a last step to take before you see the fruit of your sleepless nights neatly arranged in a book. Now you can feel the surface of binding, catch the smell of printed pages and shed a tear of satisfaction.



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